Self Storage Expo Asia 2020

Feb 19 | 2020

Self Storage Expo Asia 2020 takes place on May 13-15 in Singapore.

Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA)New elements are planned this year to bring more investors to the world of self storage and help attendees to capitalise on new opportunities to fill self storage sites and grow their business.

Regarding concerns about the coronavirus situation, the SSAA (Self Storage Association Asia) does not believe that the situation currently requires any alterations to its schedule or plans. 

Andrew Work, Executive Director, Self Storage Association Asia says that Singapore, the government and the nation, has been dealing with the situation in a sensible, measured and effective manner. The Singapore Airshow, a business to business event was recently held last week with over 30,000 participants and experienced no operational or healthcare problems.

The venue for the Expo, The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, conducts temperature checks on people entering the premises and this practice will be in effect during the event should it be deemed necessary at the time. If anyone is ill from any contagious ailment, the SSAA would of course recommend not travelling and heeding your doctor's advice.

The SSAA is happy to take calls and e-mails to confirm participation and answer questions at any time. It is monitoring the situation carefully and will adapt as necessary. 

The deadline for New Year special prices is February 29 so be sure to confirm your tickets and be ready to learn, connect, and enjoy the biggest industry event in Asia for 2020.