COVID-19 status for Italy supplied by Bliss Relocation on 1 April, 2020

Apr 05 | 2020

COVID-19 status for Italy supplied by Bliss Relocation on 1 April, 2020

We would like to update you to the most recent changes to the Italian government emergency measures regarding the COVID-19 suppression efforts.

On April 1, 2020 the latest decree was approved by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.  This government directive is the latest effort to stem the spread of the virus.  

The central provisions are as follows and have been extended until April 13, 2020:

  1. All non-essential industrial and commercial production activities are suspended.
  2. All persons are prohibited from moving from one municipality to another, with either public or private modes of transport, from the municipality in which they reside for any reason other than proven essential and urgent work or health need.
  3. Confirms the voluntary continuation of non-essential commercial activities by remote (ie, non-communal office) locations.

In light of the above, all transport of goods on behalf of third parties and household goods removals are effectively blocked, unless specifically authorised. 

In full support with the purpose and intentions of the decree and in order to safeguard all our operational teams, our customers, our partners and all our citizens, BLISS, unless the authorities indicate a contrary interpretation of the order has decided to peremptorily and temporarily suspend the physical delivery of its services until April 13, 2020.

In any case, all our staff continues to be fully operational in a remote work mode and is at your complete disposal and availability.  We are already planning our strategy for a restart in physical services.

We remain completely available to plan future shipments with you and your customers to be delivered to or from Italy and to provide all the necessary rates, costs and documentary assistance and /or information on customs requirements.

We are currently are dealing with a national and global situation the speed of which has been unprecedented but we have not been unprepared and we will continue to make contingency plans as the situation demands. We rest in good faith and confidence that eventually all will go well.

IMPORTANT: In the event of exceptional situations of proven emergency needs of your clients, we will evaluate together with you if there are possible justifications necessary to provide for a provision of the services, without prejudice to the above.

We shall continue to keep you posted on a daily basis through an information box underneath our email signature, where we provide data related to the COVID Situation in Italy and the % Level of Operations for BLISS.

Francesco Argirò
President & CEO

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