UK Traffic Commissioners issue guidance on remote auditing during COVID-19

Apr 21 | 2020

On 20 April, 2020 The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain issued a document to assist the transport industry during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recognising that operators are currently working in unprecedented and difficult times, they have agreed to accept compliance audits remotely. The remote auditing guidance sets out minimum standards for remote auditing.

The temporary measures aim to improve operator safety whilst operating in compliance with public health advice.

All audits must be evidence based and the principles in the guidance say that:

  • You may scan or photograph documents to send to the auditor. Each document must be complete and easy to read. (You might want to use a Sharepoint or Dropbox site to help with picture quality.)
  • You should make use of publicly available information, for example, on vehicle taxation status and MOT history.
  • As an operator, you must not share VOL login details with auditors. These are personal and not transferable’
  • You should aim to use software such as Skype or Microsoft Teams to share screens so that the auditor can check remotely, for example, tachograph and maintenance records stored electronically.
  • As an operator, you may, at your own risk and at your own discretion, provide auditors with remote access to any online compliance systems (such as for maintenance or drivers’ hours).
  • You (operators and transport managers) should carry out interviews and debrief meetings using software where all parties can see each other.
  • As an auditor, you must confirm the identity of operator representatives before any interview or debrief starts. The debrief should be with a director, partner or the sole trader and with the transport manager for standard licences.
  • Where no evidence is available, this should be said. Verbal assurances from the operator carry little weight.

Please read the complete here: guidance on remote auditing.