New Digital Fitness App helps people adapt to social restrictions

Apr 28 | 2020

PwC has launched a new app that is available free to help people adapt to new ways of working while social distancing measures continue. The app is already used extensively by PwC employees.

PwC Digital fitness

The Digital Fitness App has an extensive library of resources covering both professional and personal well-being - including tips on remote working, delivering educational content around COVID-19, emerging tech, career development and engaging children in e-learning. Users complete an initial assessment to see their current digital fitness score, identify any gaps in knowledge and then choose a learning plan that works for them.

Commenting on the Digital Fitness App, Jon Andrews, Head of Technology and Investment at PwC, said: “Our reliance on technology has accelerated in the last few weeks and technology will continue to help us change how we live and work. The Digital Fitness App provides a simple and effective way to improve digital skills and knowledge, not only how tech works now, but how it’s likely to impact the world and change and develop in the future. It has something for everyone, from the real basics right through to elements of research and information to help the user stay updated.”

“The Digital Fitness App was developed three years ago as part of our firmwide digital transformation programme and is part of our ‘New World, New Skills’ initiative, to help improve skills across our clients and communities for the future world of work.”

The free Digital Fitness App is available through the Apple App Store or Google Play until 31 July, 2020.  Search for ‘Digital Fitness Assessment’ and use the code ‘LRNALL’.

Watch the video.

Photo:  Screen grab from video