COVID-19 status for France - update 29 April, 2020

Apr 29 | 2020

COVID-19 status for France - update 29 April, 2020

New requirements for drivers entering France

The French authorities have announced changes to the requirements for those driving to France in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recent changes required all those driving to France, including freight operators, to complete an International Attestation to confirm that their journey met the criteria for essential travel.  This was designed to curb non-essential travel.

Since then, French authorities have confirmed that, for drivers of vehicles performing international transport of goods by road, a completed Certificate for International Transport Workers will be accepted and they no longer need the International Attestation.

The certificate must be carried in hard copy by the driver and shown, if requested, to French enforcement agencies.

Passengers in either freight or other vehicles will still need to produce the International travel certificate to mainland France.