Dubai reopening most business activities

Jun 22 | 2020

Sean Bradley, Managing Director of Freightworks, has provided an update on business in Dubai.

Sean Bradley, Managing Director of Dubai Express LLC - trading as Freightworks, a 100% subsidiary of The Emirates Group - has provided an update on business in Dubai.

I would like to confirm that the airline is now departing to and from 9 destinations, the service is underway.

Safety surrounding travel around the virus pandemic has taken priority for all services:

As a fully owned subsidiary of the group, Freightworks relocations operations are functioning as normal

Retail outlets are opening, social distancing rules must be observed, 50% of staff are now allowed back to work and masks are compulsory as soon as you leave home.

Travel restrictions are still in place from 11pm-6am.

From Wednesday,  May 27, Dubai is all set to reopen most business activities that had been closed as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

A stringent hygiene protocol has been spelt out as the Emirate reopens leisure venues like cinemas and recreational venues like Dubai Dolphinarium, among others.

List of what reopens from 27 May:

* Cinema halls with social distancing and round-the-clock sterilisation enforced.

* Leisure and recreational destinations, like The Dubai Mall Ice Rink and Dubai Dolphinarium.

* Sports academies, indoor gyms, fitness and health clubs.

* Retail shops and wholesale stores.

* Airport - to be operational for the return of UAE residents and for transit travellers to other destinations.

* Clinics, including ENT, to reopen; scope of services to include surgeries that take two-and-a-half hours or less.

* Academic and coaching institutes, children's training and therapy centres.

Rules that must be followed

* Children under 12, people over 60 and those with chronic diseases are not allowed to enter shopping centres, cinemas, gyms, etc.
* All businesses authorised to operate should abide by the new sterilisation timings (11pm to 6am).
* Everyone should wear a mask at all times.
* Everyone should always maintain a two-metre social distance.
* All passengers arriving in the country should adhere to a 14-day quarantine.
* Sterilisation must continuously be carried out and only single-use utensils are allowed.

Fines to be imposed if rules are broken.

Thank you and happy to respond to any questions

Regards,  Sean

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