PAIMA Convention 2020 cancelled

Aug 18 | 2020

PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association) has cancelled its 2020 convention scheduled for October this year in San Diego, California.

Antonio TremolsThe PAIMA event always immediately precedes the IAM conference (International Association of Movers) and is held in the same venue.

In a notice to its members, PAIMA said that the decision to cancel had been made “after countless hours of deliberation and consideration”, adding “the safety and well-being of our PAIMA family and friends was determined to be the most important factor in this very tough decision”.

PAIMA said that there were many other factors that were considered including: the economic impact this pandemic has had on the industry and the costs associated with attending conventions; the uncertainty of the social distancing guidelines that will be in place if conventions can be held in 2020; the inability to deliver a quality programme based on the unknown pandemic guidelines; and the travel restrictions and travel challenges that currently apply globally.

The convention has been rescheduled, once again ahead of IAM in October 2021, in Orlando, Florida. 

Photo:  Antonio Tremols, PAIMA Executive Director