Move One moves into Niger

Sep 14 | 2020

Move One has opened a new office in Niamey, the capital city of Niger, Africa.

Niamey, Niger’s capitalThe new office location will offer Move One’s full range of services to include relocation, moving and logistics – all of which will be supported from the Move One headquarters in the UAE. This strategic move will leverage the main ports of Niger (Ports Cotonou, Togo, Benin and Lomé) for the transit and importation of required cargo for Diplomatic, Humanitarian, Military, and Energy Projects.

This expansion of Move One into Niger will provide the biggest advantage for current and potential logistics customers. These customers will now have direct access to Move One’s on-the-ground expertise and benefit from a higher level of direct service for cargo destined for Niger as well as increased visibility and enhanced lines of communication. Move One’s Carl Corriveau added, “We are already remotely providing these services in the region, but by having our own office in Niger, it will allow Move One increased visibility, giving us the opportunity to foresee possible complications and challenges surrounding documentation or transport before it becomes an issue or impacts our customers.”

Services are available immediately including importation, customs clearance and delivery of personal effects. Customized relocation programmes are currently being developed and are available to be presented to existing and potential corporate customers.

Photo: Niamey, Niger’s capital.