High Relo donates furniture to Salvation Army Charities ​

Oct 16 | 2020

High Relocation Worldwide Inc in Korea has donated furniture worth 20,000 US dollars to the Salvation Army Korea Territory Charities.

Bright Yoon with members of the team at High Relo - KoreaThe support shown from High Relocation at this critical time will help each charity continue its vital work to save and improve lives.

Bright Yoon, Managing Director at High Relo said, “We are really delighted to support people who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. This has been an incredibly tough year for many so far and hopefully this donation will help those directly affected by COVID-19.”

Mr Kwak Yong Geun, Deputy Chief of the Salvation Army Korea Territory said, “We want to say a huge thank you to High Relocation. COVID-19 has severely impacted our charity activities and we need help now more than ever before. We won’t stop working towards making progress for people affected by COVID-19 and the amazing generosity of High Relocation will help us continue our life-saving work.”

The Salvation Army plans to sell the donated furniture and use the proceeds to fund its rehabilitation centre, which also helps people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and supports low income families.

Photo: Bright Yoon with members of the team at High Relo.