Lima’s Express Transports SA brings smiles to the poor

Oct 29 | 2020

When Peruvian TV channel ‘ATV’ needed help to build a library for one of the country’s poorest communities, the team at Express Transports SA in Lima were happy to lend a hand.

The project was part of the TV channel’s solidarity movement, which raises funds and manages other donations to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty.

Express Transports took over the logistics, transporting items including a donated pre-fabricated building, asphalt flooring, furniture, and hundreds of books for the new library in Villa Maria del Triunfo where 500 people live in very basic conditions. 

The new library will be a huge benefit to the community, enabling both adults and children to experience the pleasure of reading and explore the many subjects they cover.

Express Transports’ Business Development Manager Daniela Krumdiek said, “The smiles and happiness of the kids were the best reward we could ever have.”