Iraqi Government suspends all tax exemption statuses across all sectors in the country

Nov 25 | 2020

The Iraqi Customs authorities have suspended tax exemption approvals for Diplomatic, Government, Humanitarian and Military shipments destined for all areas across Iraq.

Announced by the Head of General Customs Legal Department late on 22 November, 2020, all customs duty and levy exemption applications will be rejected and all cargo imported into the country will be considered as commercial imports with standard taxes applicable.

The customs authorities have said shipments in transit which already have tax exemption approvals in place will be processed as usual upon arrival to Iraq, but Move One staff are currently noticing severe delays in actual clearance processes at the various southern entry points. The majority of tax exempt shipments which have arrived to Iraqi ports are being placed on hold until further notice.

However, the new law is currently not being implemented at the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing in the north of the country and Move One continues to execute import customs clearance and transportation services as usual via all northern entry points.

Move One is monitoring the situation closely and contingency plans are being prepared accordingly.  For further information contact:

Karokh Bahjat, Country Manager - Iraq
+964 750 309 9999

Carl Corriveau, Director - Commercial Logistics
+971 55 104 7412

Information supplied by Move One.