Trünk Moves launches Lead Retargeting Program

May 09 | 2021

US-based moving specialist Trünk Moves has announced the launch of a Lead Retargeting Program designed to enable moving companies to reassign stale or dead leads in return for a commission.

Trunk moves launches lead targeting program

Currently Trünk is offering the service to movers in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the UK, with Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands coming on stream later this year.

Trünk Moves uses specially designed super-tough containers, each equivalent to around 2.5 suitcases, to transport essential items to the customer’s new address independently of the main shipment.

The company is paying a commission of $25 per box to movers who refer leads to them and in addition is offering a $25 discount to the customer. Movers who affiliate with Trünk can also self-refer, meaning they can book the job themselves and still get the discount and referral fee.

“The ability for moving and relocation professionals to offset the costs of customer acquisition through referral commissions is not only timely, but a benefit to any marketing strategy,” said John Krisch, Chief Revenue Officer at Trünk. “We see this as being part of the marketing mix for relocation from real estate to corporate relocation and military personnel changing station. Most companies involved in relocation know that a move event takes place only a few times, while the Trünk Moves solution to ship essentials in smaller volumes has a much higher buying rate in consumer purchase patterns.”