CoreNet predicts a hybrid working future

Mar 24 | 2021

A new survey from CoreNet Global in Atlanta, USA, has found that post pandemic, workers will spend roughly half of the work week at the office and the remaining time either in a home office, remote location or co-working space.

While the office will remain a place for collaboration and teamwork, the overall corporate footprint is expected to be smaller two years from now for more than 54% of the companies surveyed. 9% project a reduction of less than 10%, 31% project a reduction of up to 30% and 14% of responders projected a decrease of greater than 30%.

85% report that the role of the office will be for teamwork and collaboration as opposed to individual work. 68% report that the pattern of a 9 to 5 workday is a thing of the past.

In February, CoreNet Global conducted a survey of its worldwide membership to gain insight on how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is impacting corporate real estate management. Nearly 200 people responded to the most recent survey, which was an update to the previous survey conducted in January.

CoreNet Global launched this version of the survey in conjunction with the first ever Corporate Real Estate Week, during which corporate real estate leaders from around the world participated in sessions that detailed the strategic role they will play in shaping the future of work.

CoreNet Global is a non-profit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), representing more than 11,000 executives in 50 countries with strategic responsibility for the real estate assets of large corporations.