The communication shift

Apr 19 | 2021

Miguel Florez, General Manager, Aviomar, Colombia, has said that his business has seen a number of shifts in technology, particularly in communication, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miguel Florez“Although the home office was something we expected to emerge over the mid-term, the pandemic brought it along much faster than we had thought,” he said. “At Aviomar, even before the virus, we were planning to use more home working, not just because of the economic advantages, but because we thought people would be fresher and brighter when working in the comfort of their own homes.”

He said that as soon as the pandemic and resulting quarantine hit Latin America back in March, Aviomar and its logistic group speeded up the implementation of home office for all employees. “Then, when we were allowed to restart operations, over 46% of administrative employees remained working from home with all the advantages and, I must say, a few disadvantages as well,” he explained.

Technology had impacted processes within the company. “We are now able to connect people from different parts of Colombia and the team now has much closer communication, helped by the cloud and platforms. It means we never stop moving.”

South America has suffered and will continue to suffer during the coming months. But as a company that always searches to find different pathways to improve its services, and accepting the immense challenges this difficult time has brought, Miguel said Aviomar would find the right way to take advantage of the situation. “The shift in communications, that we have all experienced, will both reinforce our workforce and empower and motivate them from wherever they are,” he said.

Photo:  Miguel Florez