Crown rewards vaccinated employees with cash prizes ​

Jun 14 | 2021

In a move to support the Hong Kong government's newly launched ‘Early Vaccination for All’ campaign, Crown Worldwide (HK) Limited announced on June 4 that all vaccinated employees are eligible to enter an internal lucky draw to win cash prizes.

Jim ThompsonThe weekly lucky draw opened for registration on 7 June and will run until the end of August to encourage employees to take the COVID-19 vaccines, and to express gratitude to vaccinated employees for their support in fighting the virus. There will be 12 rounds with a grand prize of HK$2,888 ($372 US) for each lucky winner.

The company also set an internal target of reaching an 80% vaccination rate by August 31, 2021. Once achieved, each employee will receive another HK$500 as a reward.

Jim Thompson, Founder and Chairman of the Crown Worldwide Group said, “Increasing the vaccination rate is the only way that COVID-19 will ever be brought under control. No place in the world has made it easier to get vaccinated than Hong Kong. We are eager to do our part to support the HKSAR government’s vaccination campaign."

Crown Hong Kong is also offering vaccination leave to allow its employees to get their jabs.


Photo: Jim Thompson