Reinventing mobility beyond 2000 – 2021 mobility trends

Jul 09 | 2021

The BGRS 2021 Talent Mobility Trends Survey: Reinventing Mobility Beyond 2020, examines how mobility practitioners adapt to the change and chart the future of workforce mobility in their organisations.

BGRS ReportThe events of 2020 compelled many organizations to assess their approach to employee mobility, with the survey respondents pointing to the need to redefine mobility’s value proposition as one of their top priorities. The pandemic only accelerated the need for reinvention and broadening of mobility’s role brought by changing employee demographics, business priorities, and new technologies. 

The data shows that talent mobility practitioners are emerging from the crisis with a strong sense of purpose. 70% of the survey respondents have prioritised the most important areas of focus with established plans in place and, of those, 51% started to implement these plans. 

The 2021 Talent Mobility Trends Survey explores five key areas that will define employee mobility beyond 2020: 

  • Physical mobility remains resilient, while virtual mobility emerges 
  • Mobility function is at a critical juncture to expand their role 
  • Flexibility rises as key contributor to positive employee experience 
  • Digitization is a critical enabler, yet organizations are slow to embrace 
  • Compliance concerns intensify amid new mobility types 

The 2021 Talent Mobility Trends Survey Key Findings report includes insights from 123 talent mobility leaders and human resources professionals, representing 10 million employees. 

Visit the 2021 Talent Mobility Trends Survey microsite to learn more and request a copy of the Key Findings report. 

Photo:  The BGRS 2021 Talent Mobility Trends Survey.