PAIMA 2021 conference cancelled

Jul 21 | 2021

The PAIMA Board of Directors has regretfully decided not to hold its annual conference in 2021, planned for 10-12 October in Orlando, immediately before IAM.

OrlandoThe decision was as a result of COVID restrictions that the group felt would prevent many of its members attending from outside the USA. It was also concerned that it might not be able to achieve a quorum for its General Assembly under the circumstances.

Uncertainty about the number of attendees has made it impossible to confirm contracts with vendors and venues. Other factors included the economic impact of the pandemic on members, the costs associated with attending the convention, the uncertainty of the social distancing guidelines and current travel and quarantine restrictions. “It is hard to plan an event if you do not know who can or will attend the event,” said Tony Tremols, Executive Director of PAIMA. “Like 2020, this was not an easy conclusion to reach, but was ultimately dictated by the health and wellbeing of our members and the Association.”

The group is planning an unofficial PAIMA Member Group Dinner on 12 October for members attending the IAM conference.

The next PAIMA conference will be in Seattle, Washington, from 27 – 29 September, 2022.