Grace Australia reunites British cyclist with long-lost bike

Sep 23 | 2021

In 2018, Charlie Condell from Bristol in the UK was 102 days from a record-breaking attempt to become the youngest person to cycle solo across the globe, when his bike, cycling kit and passport were stolen from a backpacking hostel in Townsville, Australia.

Charlie Condell reunited with his bike Colin

Fortunately for 18-year-old Charlie, the local media and the the local Rotary Club decided to organise a fundraising initiative to help him complete his journey. With the funds raised, Charlie was able to obtain a new passport and a replacement bicycle to continue his 18,000-mile expedition.

Two years after losing his bicycle - nicknamed Colin - Charlie found it listed on a Townsville social media page and soon the news spread. A Grace team member heard his story and decided to help reunite Charlie with his bike. Grace’s Townsville branch collected the bicycle and organised shipping to the UK, where it was then looked after by Doree Bonner International, who helped ensure its safe delivery back to Charlie’s home.

Stephen Bonollo, Grace General Manager International Australia and NZ said, “We’re so happy to help Charlie reunite with his bike, Colin. We’d love to see them around Townsville soon and to learn more about their amazing adventures.”

Photo: Charlie Condell reunited with his bike, Colin.