AMR International Relocation joins FIDI

Oct 05 | 2021

China’s AMR International Relocation has announced that it has become a member of FIDI. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and also has offices in Beijing and the Taiwanese capital, Taipei.

AMR International Relocation

AMR originally applied for membership in late 2019 and expected to be audited by EY in November 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the auditor travelling to China and the application was stalled for several months.  After a long period of waiting, FIDI decided to conduct the audit virtually on 5 August and the certificate of compliance was awarded on 9 September, 2021.

AMR’s Director Allen Lu said, “It was a long marathon with FIDI, but it has been an interesting journey.” 

“As founder of AMR, I am very excited to join FIDI and feel very proud of our team and company. When I started my career in the moving industry 15 years ago, FIDI membership seemed like a distant dream.  Over the years we have worked with many FIDI movers and I understand the service quality and professionalism they provide.  FIDI members are always our first choice when we need someone to help overseas and we appreciate the service standard guided by FIDI.  That’s why we decided to apply for membership.”

Allen said he was very touched by the kindness of other FIDI members following AMR’s membership approval.

“After FIDI announced to the membership that we had joined I received so many greetings from FIDI members; some from people I know and some from people I’ve never met,” said Allen.  “One German member even sent me a hand-written letter to welcome us to the family. I can’t wait to meet those guys next year at the convention.”

AMR International Relocation is also a member of PAIMA, BAR, IAM and ERC Worldwide Relocation.

Photo: Allen Lu (third from right) with the AMR team.