Powerhouse to defend maritime sector against escalating cyber threats

Dec 06 | 2021

DNV, the independent assurance and risk management specialist, will acquire cyber security specialist Applied Risk to form the world’s largest industrial cyber security practice, for the maritime and other industrial sectors.

Remi_Eriksen,_Group_President_and_CEO_at_DNVThreats to industrial cyber security are becoming more common, complex, and creative. The maritime industry witnessed a 400% increase in attempted attacks between February and June 2020 alone and recovery from an attack can cost organisations hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The International Maritime Organization, which encountered an attack itself last year, has placed renewed focus on this issue. In January 2021, it introduced new guidelines stating that a ship’s safety management system should account for cyber risk management in compliance with the ISM Code. Technology research company Gartner forecasts that cyber criminals will go beyond making attacks for financial gain this decade, and progressively weaponise industrial control systems to cause harm to human life. 

Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO, DNV said, “Maritime assets are now at higher risk of new forms of cyber attacks, as their control systems become increasingly connected. Life, property and the environment are at stake. DNV is investing significantly in helping our customers build a powerful force of defence. By joining forces with Applied Risk, we aim to build an industrial cyber security powerhouse to support the sector in managing these emerging risks.”

Photo: CNV CEO, Remi Eriksen.