PAIMA plays TOPGOLF in Orlando

Jan 04 | 2022

PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association) held an informal networking event at TOPGOLF in Orlando on 12 October, for those of its members who were able to attend the IAM (International Association of Movers) conference.

Juan Carlos Ortiz shows how it is doneOver 30 members took part who had travelled from throughout the American continent, plus Samah and Tarik Diab all the way from Jordan.

PAIMA Executive Director Antonio Tremols said that the Association was extremely happy to host a small PAIMA member networking outing for PAIMA members that were fortunate enough to attend this year's IAM convention. “Despite having to cancel our PAIMA 2021 Convention in Orlando due to the pandemic and the multiple factors we have communicated to our members, the PAIMA Board of Directors along with the PAIMA office felt that is was quite important to maintain a presence at IAM this year.”

“We also wanted to support IAM as they had contractual obligations to meet and PAIMA stepped forward to support and participate. Inter-association collaboration is quite important when possible and it is part of PAIMA's mission to help and support.”

PAIMA was particularly pleased to see such a good turnout of new members: Jordanian Coast, Brizmud, Earth Relocation (USA), Delight from UAE, AA Aliianz from Costa Rica, Renorelo, Universal Relocations, Star International and Roadrunner.  Board member Juan Carlos Ortiz from Peru - Moving Systems SAC was also able to attend.

TOPGOLF is golf but with heavy Disney influences.  All the balls have microchips to the player, and supporters can see the flight.  Mix that with creative graphics and a choice of games and the evening is set for some fun.

“We certainly missed all of our PAIMA members that were not able to attend,” said Antonio, “and we thank the PAIMA members that set aside a little time to get together. We very much look forward to seeing all of you in Seattle, Washington in 2022.”

Photo: Juan Carlos Ortiz, PAIMA Board member, shows how it’s done.