AGS United Arab Emirates, exhibitor partner at the Dubai World Expo

Jan 06 | 2022

AGS United Arab Emirates has been appointed as an exhibitor partner for the Dubai World Expo in Dubai. The event started in October and runs until 31 March, 2022. The company will support exhibitors with their logistical needs.

Dubai World Expo - 445x277Since the 2010 World Expo in China, the AGS group has facilitated the transportation and installation of many exhibits during various international events. AGS teams provide support with customs clearance, import/export documentation, transportation, storage and stand assembly.

“The Dubai World Expo is an exceptional event and a great opportunity to develop AGS United Arab Emirates,” said Cedric Castro, Managing Director of AGS Worldwide Movers. “With our various transport and logistics services, we are at the disposal of exhibition participants, and able to provide them with expert assistance and make their participation a success.”

Photo: Dubai World Expo.