Vanpac GroupAsia now accepting crypto payments

Jan 28 | 2022

Vanpac GroupAsia has announced it is now accepting crypto payments in partnership with TripleA, a licensed payment gateway. The company is one of the first to give customers the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

Alvin OngExpensive transaction fees and bank charges are a key concern for international businesses and their clients. By accepting crypto payments, clients can send and receive payments swiftly, and reduce costs.

Crypto payments are as easy as conducting a normal transaction. Instead of indicating their bank or card details, customers simply scan a QR code or copy a wallet address and pay using their crypto wallet. With features such as the Lightning Network, crypto transactions are secure and instant with extremely low fees.

Alvin Ong, Network Director of Vanpac GroupAsia said, “When I started exploring into cryptocurrencies, I was surprised to find out that there are merchants in Singapore that accept cryptocurrencies for the payment of services and an endless range of products. Looking deeper into the demographics of cryptocurrency users and investors, I felt that many of our clients who are relocating may fall into this group. Vanpac GroupAsia is delighted with our partnership with TripleA, as their compliant business model will allow us to cater to new customers and improve our services.”

Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA commented, “The moving and relocations industry is an excellent niche for crypto payments and we’re happy that Vanpac GroupAsia decided to partner with us in helping revolutionise the processes of payments and transactions. This gives more opportunities for consumers to utilise their crypto investments and for Vanpac GroupAsia to access more clients that prefer to transact using crypto.”

Vanpac GroupAsia is a leading moving company in Asia and is an affiliate of FIDI. The company has 15 locations across the Far East and over 1,800 partners worldwide.

Photo: Alvin Ong.