AltoVita launches 2022 Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit

Mar 02 | 2022

AltoVita, the corporate accommodation platform that delivers cloud-based and duty of care accommodation to companies worldwide, has announced its three-month Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit.

Alto Vita summit

The 2022 summit will focus on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and AltoVita’s commitment to making the hospitality industry more smart, safe, and sustainable. This will include cross-sector collaboration to identify areas of improvement within the industry, followed by product development to build new features within the AltoVita platform. The event will include discussions with industry luminaries, an immersive in-person event, and more. 

The series, which follows the success of the industry’s first-ever 2021 Corporate Housing Innovation Summit which brought together 400+ global mobility and corporate housing professionals, will open with the Design Thinking: Unlocking ESG Together session on 10 March to discuss how to make the sector more secure, tech-driven, and environmentally minded. The interactive session will give global mobility and business travel professionals a platform to raise concerns, brainstorm, and ideate live with a network from around the world. Chris Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of Pivt, and Ben Cross, VP of Global Growth at AltoVita, will moderate the event.

Following Design Thinking, AltoVita’s tech team will begin prototyping new tools and features to solve the issues raised by the participants. 

Finally, the series will culminate with the all-day event in London on 12 May. The event will see panel discussions, keynote speaker, networking, and a product launch, unveiling the new features and tools developed as a result of AltoVita’s Design Thinking event. 

Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, CEO and Co-Founder at AltoVita, commented: “I’m excited to launch our second annual summit with a timely theme: smart, safe, and sustainable. Industry and customer voice are powerful, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to feedback to help us prioritise duty of care compliance and operational excellence in everything we do. The Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit is a manifestation of our customer obsession and commitment to continual innovation.” 

More information about the 2022 summit is available here