OMNI postpones its April conference

Mar 02 | 2022

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) has reluctantly decided to postpone its annual conference that was scheduled for April in Marseille, France. The decision is intended to help maintain the quality of the event which is an important part of the OMNI business calendar.

Marseille, FranceThe decision was made owing to the uncertainty following the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in recent months and the travel disruption some attendees were likely to experience as a result.  Many OMNI members are still unable or unwilling to travel at this time; potential quarantine restrictions on returning home were a particular concern.

Walter Laffitte, OMNI President, said that the primary focus and concern is the wellbeing of OMNI members and employees. However, the purpose of the OMNI conference has always been to bring business owners and industry leaders together for high-level meetings and to exchange ideas and experiences. “We owe it to those who do attend to make the event worthwhile for them,” said Walter.  “Having a reduced attendance limits their ability to spend that unique quality time with their trading partners and to learn from each other as they expect at the OMNI conference.”

OMNI intends to reschedule the 2022 event to later in the year when travel requirements may be more predictable and confidence levels return.

Photo: Marseille, France.