New sustainability initiative from Worldwide ERC

Apr 11 | 2022

On 31 March, 2022, Worldwide ERC launched its initiative to ensure the global workforce mobility industry plays its part as governmental and corporate sustainability requirements become more rigorous in response to growing concerns about climate change and its wide-reaching effects.

Lynn Shotwell “Business leaders in every industry sector are looking inward and to their supply chains for collaboration and creativity on how to meet sustainability goals, and the global workforce mobility industry is committed to being a part of the solution,” said Worldwide ERC President and CEO Lynn Shotwell. “We recognise that while employee relocation is a key business growth strategy, it also has a large environmental impact, and workforce mobility professionals will play our part in helping the organisations we serve conduct their operations responsibly and sustainably.”

As part of the launch, Worldwide ERC released findings from a recent survey of HR executives on corporate sustainability practices, which include:

  • Pressure is on service providers. Corporations are asking their supplier networks to devise and deliver on sustainability goals, with 56% encouraging or requiring suppliers and business partners to meet specific sustainability criteria. For the largest companies - those with more than 50,000 employees - utilizing the buyer-supplier relationship is the most common tactic, being reported by 61% of respondents.
  • Mobility is here to stay. Reducing employee relocations was cited as the lowest priority in meeting sustainability goals. A full 64% of respondents are not considering reductions as part of their strategy.
  • Having a public policy strategy is key. Adopting public policy positions is the second most utilized strategy for managing corporate sustainability goals. Just over half of companies reporting are adopting public policy positions in pursuit of their sustainability goals. Of those choosing this tactic, it is cited as the top priority on sustainability.
  • Digitalization is a top priority. CHROs and HR executives report that organisations are betting big on the promise of digitalization to deliver on sustainability goals. Respondents rank digitalization more frequently than any other tactic cited (56%), and the issue is tied as the number one priority among all initiatives.

“Our goal with this survey and the initiative is to help workforce relocation teams be the best partners they can be in advancing sustainable business practices,” said Worldwide ERC Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Development, Karen Cygal. “We want global mobility and relocation professionals to be game changers for helping their customers meet their sustainability goals.”

Worldwide ERC has also announced the formation of an industry-led Advisory Council to help shape a common approach on sustainability for the relocation industry. Its members include:

  • Brian Potts – Altair Global
  • Cathy Koslowski – Equusoft Software
  • David Pascoe – Cartus
  • Deb Convery – Stripe
  • Eluned Wallace – The Walt Disney Company
  • John O’Connell – SIRVA
  • Laura May Carmack – Aires
  • Lynn Shotwell – Worldwide ERC
  • Matt Gilliland – Worldwide ERC
  • Maura Carey – Dwellworks
  • Meghan Meurer – Unigroup, C.A.
  • Michael Hughes – Arpin Group
  • Paul Barnes – Inspire Global Mobility
  • Peter Sewell – Sterling Lexicon
  • Rachel Kwek – BGRS
  • René Stegmann – Relocation Africa
  • Robert Gallucci – Hilldrup Companies
  • Siohban Cummings – Pandora
  • William Taylor – Relocity
  • William Wilson – Weichert Workforce Mobility

“Worldwide ERC is proud to bring our industry together to help global mobility and relocation professionals navigate current and emerging sustainability issues and forge the future for our industry and our world,” concluded Lynn Shotwell.

Photo:  Lynn Shotwell.