BMW extends household removals contract with Harmony

May 17 | 2022

BMW has extended the Household Goods Removal Contract that was awarded to the Harmony Relocation Network in June 2019 for a further two years until 2024.

Steve LewisThis ‘blue ocean’ technology driven move management contract has been exciting the market and has become something of a game changer for the moving industry. The programme provides a fully digital moving experience (virtual and digital survey process, integrated digital packing lists and cloud-based customer portal) for the transferee. The corporate client works within an integrated automated API-driven initiation and milestone data-driven move management platform. This platform consists of an independent pricing platform, automatic reporting functionality and quality metrics functionality.

Steve Lewis, Global Account Director commented: “This contract is the new standard we see move management contracts being awarded to. Our customers at both transferee level and corporate level have been asking for this type of model for some years. We are happy to see our efforts to deliver something new being rewarded in a large extension to this contract.”

He added: “With this new model we are able to capture a much more dynamic marketplace solution which really helps in current fluid market circumstances. A traditional model doesn’t fit anymore in a time with a global supply chain crisis and fast changing costs. The international moving industry is traditionally slow in embracing change. Due to its nature of family-owned businesses a conservative approach creates a slow adaptation of new technologies.”

Ramon RipsonRamon Ripson, Global Operations Team Manager, added: “The Harmony consultant team is a key factor behind the successful implementation of this contract. The team oversees the introduction of the process, performs the virtual surveys, and manages expectations together with the panel of professional and quality driven moving companies. However, it was a challenge to get all participating moving companies on board to use the technology applicable to this contract. What we have seen over time is that the ones who embraced this are awarded the majority of the operational work.”

He continued: “We foresee only more speed in application of new technologies during the new contract period as we apply insurance and claim management applications, real-time pulse survey technology and new move management technologies, including AI. The cooperation with the BMW Global Assignment team has also been one of the key reasons for the success of this ‘game changing contract’. Interesting times and good to see we move forward together with BMW on the road ahead.”

Photos:  Steve Lewis (top) and Ramon Ripson.