Video survey data – do you need a security update?

May 05 | 2021

David Jordan looks at the GDPR issues around the recent rise in remote surveys.

Video Survey Data - do you need a security update?This month marks the fourth anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and although it rarely hits the headlines these days, GDPR is still very much alive and is certainly not to be messed with.  Just as a reminder, the regulations basically require anyone who holds personal data that is able to identify a living individual either directly or indirectly, to keep that data secure and not to share it with others without the individual’s consent.  The data must also be deleted once the purpose for retaining it has passed.

Most responsible removals companies will by now have robust processes in place to comply with the regulations, but one area which may have been overlooked is the detailed images of household interiors made during video surveys.  In 2018 when GDPR came in, video surveys were in their infancy and only a handful of removals companies used them. More recently - mainly due to the pandemic – video surveys have become almost the norm and most companies will at least offer them as an option; so now might be a good time to review your security arrangements and if necessary, give them an update ...

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