DKV Mobility customers can now access 10,000 Tesla Superchargers

Jan 04 | 2024

Customers of DKV Mobility can now access 10,000 Tesla Superchargers across Europe, whatever electric vehicle they have.

Tesla_GFX_DKV_86_B Tesla’s Supercharger network is claimed to be the largest and most reliable fast charging network in Europe, offering charging speeds of up to 250 kW. Tesla Supercharger locations that are open to all electric vehicles can be found within the ‘Charge your Non-Tesla’ section in the Tesla app or in the DKV Mobility app. The new service is enabled by the platform of the DKV Mobility subsidiary GreenFlux, which is responsible for the entire charging offer of DKV Mobility.

“The integration of Tesla's Supercharger network into our service is designed to seamlessly align with our existing offerings, making it easy for DKV Mobility customers to use without any additional complications,” said Sven Mehringer, Managing Director Energy & Vehicle Services at DKV Mobility. “By offering our customers access to Tesla Superchargers, no matter which vehicle brand they drive, we make them benefit from convenience, coverage, cost savings, faster charging, environmental sustainability and from Tesla's top-notch charging experience.”

The charging session at Tesla’s Supercharger network can only be started via the Tesla app. To charge on the Tesla Supercharger network with the DKV CARD +CHARGE, the EV driver needs to download the Tesla app and create a Tesla account. In the Tesla Account, DKV Mobility customers need to install the DKV CARD +CHARGE as default payment method.