FIDI visits Edinburgh in 2024

Jan 04 | 2024

The FIDI conference 2024 will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 12-15 May at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa.

EdinburghSome of the event’s highlights include: a welcome at Edinburgh Castle (yes, really!); a mystery tour; and a gala dinner at the National Museum of Scotland.

Registration for the conference is now open, click here for details. Attendees can book their stay at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa at special FIDI rates from this date; given the limited space in the conference hotel, alternative accommodations with special rates will be available at nearby hotels.

The FIDI team is doing all it can to reduce the environmental impact of its conference and is encouraging those who can to travel by train instead of flying. Visitors flying long haul are encouraged to take the train from the hub airport.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city and an excellent venue for a conference.  Don’t take any notice of those who say the weather isn’t very good there: it’s just a rumour peddled by the good people of Edinburgh, in an effort to keep the place for themselves.

If you’d like to know why there is a picture of a dog attached to this story, click on Greyfriars Bobby to find out.  Warning!  You’ll need tissues.

Photo: Greyfriars Bobby.