Your vehicles can help clean the air

Jan 05 | 2024

A new technique, Clean Air by Resysten, is set to make a significant impact on air quality by harnessing nano technology to capture NOx emissions in the air and transform them into harmless oxygen O2 and nitrogen gas N2.

Mike Freely (left) and Steve Lewis.NOx is one of the major greenhouse gases, less abundant than CO2 but, according to the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations body that tracks the latest climate change science, it’s 264 times more powerful than CO2 over 20 years.  Resysten says that using its Clean Air system, every moving company can play its part in removing this pollutant from the atmosphere.

Clean Air uses nano particles, sprayed on to a flat surface such as a removals vehicle, to break down the NOx, under the action of sunlight, to render it harmless.  If a vehicle is treated, by spraying it with a clear liquid product once a year, it will work to remove NOx from the atmosphere every day of its working life.  The product is also receiving considerable interest from companies that supply advertising hoardings and from the construction industry that, like movers, have a large surface area available for treatment.

Movers are increasingly being required to prove to customers, private and corporate, that they are doing all they can to reduce the effect of their actions on the environment.  For this reason many companies are switching to electric vehicles, limiting business travel, choosing more environmentally sustainable materials, etc.  By treating their vehicles, they can clearly demonstrate that, not only are they doing what they can to prevent creating pollution, they are actively helping to remove what is already there.

Steve Lewis is CEO, Resysten.  “We have asked the scientists where they would target this and they all say that transport and logistics is absolutely key. Vehicles with big surface areas that could be sprayed will have a huge daily impact in reducing air pollution.”

Mike Freely, Director, is already in discussion with moving companies.  “It’s quick and easy to spray the vehicles,” he said. “We are looking for the first moving companies to show an interest and come forward.” He added that customers with treated vehicles can display the Clean Air logo on their vehicles to show their customers that they are participating.

Steve and Mike believe that the moving industry could be a major ally in bringing this technology into the mainstream.  So much so that they took a stand at the recent Movers and Storers Show and reported keen interest.  They are also in discussions with other large organisations such as local authorities and the National Health Service.  The product is available globally and is already gaining traction in Europe and the USA.

Photo: Steve Lewis and Mike Freely at The Movers and Storers Show in November.