DeWitt Guam helps Operation Christmas Drop

Jan 08 | 2024

DeWitt Guam has helped out with Operation Christmas Drop once again, having been a steadfast partner to the project since 1995.

Dewitt Guam Christmas dropOperation Christmas Drop is a vital humanitarian initiative that drops supplies such as food, medicine, books, clothes, toys, and gifts to over 50 remote Pacific islands. Over the years, the programme's impact has been substantial with, in 2022 for example, 209 boxes containing over 75,000 pounds of donations delivered to 57 islands.

John Burrows, the company’s CEO, described what it’s like to be on the Christmas Drop.  "For a long time, you're just flying across water, and then, all of a sudden, there's an island. There are just hundreds of islands out there that are not represented on the maps that most of us are used to seeing. It’s amazing to be a part of spreading Christmas cheer year after year."

The success of this initiative relies on collaboration between air crew from the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Canada, the support of ground crews from Australia and the Philippines and the efforts of the University of Guam and Operation Christmas Drop itself. 

Residents and businesses throughout Guam actively contribute to this humanitarian mission, with DeWitt Guam playing a crucial role by providing specially ordered 17 cube and 20 cube tri-wall cardboard boxes for the airdropped donations.

Victor Valenzuela, Vice President and General Manager, emphasised the importance of the robust boxes, stating, "They're the best boxes to drop off an aircraft."


Photo:  DeWitt Guam.