ESI Group buys Lux-Connex SA

Jan 10 | 2024

In August 2023 the ESI Group in France bought LUX-CONNEX SA in Luxembourg giving the company’s owner, Alain Gallion, the opportunity of retirement. ​

Lux and ESIESI, headed by Amaury Chaumet, said that the acquisition will allow it to strengthen its logistics offer to serve its prestigious customers.  ESI has assigned Baptiste di Tria as the company’s new managing director.

Baptiste said that the company wants to expand its presence in Europe in both moving and fine art activity and Lux-Connex SA was the perfect company to help as it has been working in this market for over 20 years in Luxembourg. “This is a perfect wedding between two entities that share the same vision of the quality that a mover should provide to its customers,” he said, adding that it was also necessary to understand and embrace the family history that accompanies any joining of companies.

Photo:  (left to right) Alain Gallion (Former Owner of Lux-Connext), Manny Kriet (Alain’s wife and sales manager of Lux-Connex), Frederic De Weck (ESI Mobility representative).