Fast house purchase for people moving home

Apr 12 | 2024

Many private customers are prevented from moving home, both locally and abroad, because they are unable to sell their homes. In most cases it is essential for customers to sell their homes before moving to provide the finances to cover expenses and to buy again at destination.

we buy any houseThe Mover was recently approached by a company in the UK that can provide a solution for some customers. is an organisation that does exactly that.  If a customer is having difficulty selling their home, this company will step in and do a fast deal, sometimes in as little as three days.

The obvious question is how much will they pay?  Clearly it will be less that the open market price but, if a customer is anxious to get moving, that reduction in revenue might be acceptable.  In answer to a direct question from The Mover a spokesman for the company said: “We don't have a fixed percentage that we offer below market value for properties, our offer depends upon many things including the location, condition of the property and how quickly our customer needs to sell their home.”

He continued to explain the process for customers to follow should they be interested.  The customer simply leaves details on the company website and an offer will be made shortly after by phone.  If it’s acceptable, the company will proceed to finalise the purchase allowing the customer to continue with their moving plans.

The spokesman continued: “Our service would provide a solution for people who are looking to emigrate [or move in the UK] and are subsequently looking for a quick sale of their home. We have helped many people in this situation sell their houses quickly in the past.”

More information is available on here.