Graebel launches MX Coach

Apr 17 | 2024

Graebel in the USA has launched a new product to enhance its Core-Flex offering to assignees.

Matt BrownleeThe new digital tool is called Graebel® Mobility Experience (MX) Coach. The company said that the MX Coach is ‘designed to create a people-first experience that’s thoughtfully developed, activated and meets employee needs and satisfaction, talent mobility program goals and company business objectives’.

MX Coach is integrated into Graebel’s globalCONNECT® platform.  It’s intended to make sure mobile employees feel good about their relocation experiences by informing them and preparing them to make smart relocation decisions. Within MX Coach, mobile employees can select benefits from a menu of options tailored to their unique relocation needs and preferences, creating a customizable experience that suits their lifestyles and circumstances.

“We’ve put our people-first approach at the heart of the MX Coach experience,” said Matt Brownlee, Chief Operating Officer of Graebel Companies, Inc. “With Graebel, mobile employees not only get from A to B, but enjoy the journey every step of the way because we’re helping them choose their relocation benefits with confidence. We believe that Core-Flex benefits selection shouldn’t just be about the technology – it’s about creating a holistic, people-first journey, supported by great technology.”

The system also ensures that Graebel mobility consultants are always available should the assignee need additional help.

Core-Flex programs have evolved over the past few years, driven by mobile employees’ desire for flexibility and choice, and employers’ insistence on relocation benefit cost controls. With Core-Flex programmes comes the need for employees to make many relocation benefits choices from a variety of options – choices that will have a major impact on the success of the relocation and their satisfaction with the experience.

Photo: Matt Brownlee.