Introducing Google Consent Mode v2

May 03 | 2024

Laura Moxham from Google Ads agency YBA explains what Google Consent Mode v2 is and why moving companies should care.

Laura Moxham

Are you using Google Ads for your business? Then you'll want to pay attention here. Google Ads likes to shake things up, and the latest buzz is about ‘Consent Mode V2’. Confused? Don't worry; I'll break it down for you.

First off, Google Consent Mode v2 is crucial for any website using Google services. You should have had it up and running by March 2024, so it's vital that you now make sure your website is on track.

This was rolled out in November 2023 to help websites and advertisers get user consent for web tracking and aligning with privacy regulations such as GDPR. If you don’t get your website up to speed your Google Ads performance could take a hit.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?
It's an update that integrates Google Ads with your website to ensure that your use of cookies and visitor data follows Google's rules. It's an extension of the consent banners you might have seen, which have been mandatory in Europe for a while. But now, Google's making sure everyone's on board.

Not complying could be a headache for your business. It might lead to fines, losing remarketing lists, and missing out on valuable conversion data, which could affect your advertising campaigns. So, if you're running ads, this is something you need to sort out.

While it might sound technical, tools such as Google Tag Manager and CMPs (Consent Management Platform) can make complying with privacy regulations and implementing Google Consent Mode v2 a lot easier.

How does it work? ...

Photo: Laura Moxham.

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