Simple ways to lease-purchase self storage containers

May 10 | 2024

Triple Eight Containers, based in Stroud in England, is offering self storage operators an easy way to start or expand their businesses with the minimum of fuss or financial outlay.

Marina RoosThe company believes it to be the only organisation in the UK to offer in-house lease purchase for new ISO containers to be used for self storage.

In a recent interview with The Mover, Marina Roos, the company’s managing director, explained that the company has been operated by her father, John Emms and his business partner Evelyn Hayward, for 25 years. “My dad revolutionised the container supply industry 25 years ago when he introduced lease-purchase,” she explained. “It means that instead of going to a broker, a finance company or a bank to raise the capital to buy storage containers, companies can do it all through us. We will supply the containers to our customers and charge a monthly rental for a period of 4-5 years. At the end of the period the payments stop automatically, and customers can buy the containers for £100 each.” Marina explained that it’s most flexible way to start a business because it’s quick and easy and they don’t require bank guarantees.

Marina joined the company in 2018 when it was based in London. Six months ago, they moved offices to Stroud in Gloucestershire, for personal reasons. This coincided with her father and co-founder retiring. Triple Eight currently supplies containers, 40ft, 20ft, 10ft, 8ft and specialist conversions, all [one trip] into the UK. It supplies them throughout Great Britain and is currently looking at opportunities in Northern Ireland. “My dad was a bit like Henry Ford,” explained Marina. “You could have anything as long as it was 20ft in Cobalt Blue. We’ve evolved since then.”

In case you are wondering, John Emms spent many years in the shipping industry based in Hong Kong and Singapore. In Chinese culture the number 8 is considered to be lucky. 888, therefore, seems the perfect name for a company. Everyone needs a little good luck.

Photo:  Marina Roos.