Corporate relocation trends in 2024

Jun 06 | 2024

Ryan McConnell, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines, looks at his company’s recent Corporate Relocation Survey to extract what HHG carriers need to know.

Ryan McConnellAs the modern workforce continues to evolve into a flexible and adaptable landscape, the dynamics of corporate relocation are undergoing a similar transformation – one that is contingent on the needs of the employee. This suggests promising opportunities for household goods (HHG) transportation providers. From the growing interest in consolidating HHG transportation providers to the increasing corporate involvement in covering transportation expenses, businesses are reshaping the way they approach employee relocations.

According to Atlas Van Lines’ 57th Corporate Relocation Survey, 70% of all companies surveyed noted a rise in the overall number of employees who relocated in 2023, with a significant portion also reporting increased relocation budgets compared to the year prior. Employees are increasingly interested in relocating for work, and companies are recognising this pattern and taking action to streamline the relocation process.

With noted relocation budget increases, a majority of companies are interested in contracting a sole HHG transportation provider to assist in their corporate relocation efforts.  

30% of companies moved beyond interest to note that they have plans to secure a dedicated HHG transportation provider to ease the transition for relocating employees. These insights signal more opportunities for relocation service providers in 2024. Understanding the implications of corporate relocation trends enables transportation leaders to identify new growth markets and optimize services and pricing methods to meet the needs of corporations and relocating employees.

Specifically, 75% of companies agree they are interested in having a sole HHG transportation provider if corporate pricing were extended to lump sum payouts ...

Photo: Ryan McConnell.

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