The future of digitalised moving

Jun 06 | 2024

Alvaro Stein is the CEO of Decapack in Chile and the chairman of the Data Solutions Task Force under the International Association of Movers (IAM). In that role he is focussed on facilitating the seamless exchange of data within the mobility industry.

The future of digitalised moving In this article, he explains the ONE Record Standard, how it can help and why you should get involved.

In the complex and fragmented world of moving, challenges such as repetitive data entry, cumbersome coordination through endless emails and calls, and frequent data inaccuracies drain time, increase costs, and undermine service quality. Escalating demands for compliance, robust cybersecurity, and urgent sustainability initiatives compound these challenges.

The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility recently published a report titled 'Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Data Sharing.' Operating within the transit and transportation subsector, distinct from the relocation mobility industry, the report’s findings also apply to global supply chains at large. It reveals that potential gains from data sharing could cut global freight costs by over 6%, unlocking more than half a trillion dollars in savings. Additionally, the Coalition estimates that such increased freight efficiency could reduce emissions by a staggering 22%!

Therefore, data sharing has a triple positive impact: it reduces inefficiencies, enhances customer service, and significantly cuts emissions, making it the greatest opportunity in the moving industry’s digitalization journey. With the massive potential benefits and availability of technology for safe, real-time data exchange, one might wonder what stands in the way of this transformative change.

During my tenure as CEO of Decapack, I witnessed firsthand the challenges and inefficiencies our industry faces due to fragmented and outdated data-sharing practices. Now, as the chair of the IAM’s Data Solutions Taskforce, I am part of a committed team advocating for and implementing innovative solutions like the ONE Record Standard to address these issues ...

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