Regulators offer support in light of COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 23 | 2020

The Senior Traffic Commissioner in the UK has new guidance to assist the transport industry. The Statutory Document seeks to offer support through flexible working practices and a balanced approach.

The document provides guidance for:

• Operators who cannot meet financial standing requirement;
• Approach when a transport manager is unable to attend work;
• The period of grace process if the mandatory requirements to hold an operator’s licence can't be met;
• When operators are unable to access their operating centres;
• The Traffic Commissioners' approach to the consideration of financial evidence of an operator applying for interim authorisation;
• The Traffic Commissioners' approach to applications for temporary exemptions to the requirement to hold an operator’s licence;
• Attendance and postponement of hearings.
You can read more from the Traffic Commissioner here

There is further advice here that should answer some of your questions, this will be updated as the situation develops. You’re urged to regularly check this information to make sure you have the latest version available to you.