New software manages driver compliance risk

May 24 | 2021

Tachograph analysis and compliance specialist TruTac has launched an all-new software feature - Driver Compliance Risk Score (DCRS) - to simplify how fleet operators monitor and manage the potential risk drivers can pose to compliance levels.

Jemma James (TruTac)The risk score calculation is based on the percentage of infringements per driver duty. The scores, trends and fleet ranking can then be viewed via dashboards and reports produced by TruTac’s TruControl system.

The brand-new feature highlights each driver's Risk Score as a Risk Level (very low, low, medium, high, or very high). It also calculates risk trends which, for easy data assimilation are graphically displayed along with the driver’s overall company ranking. The system auto adjusts each driver’s score to include the DVSA’s Earned Recognition (ER) infringement severity weighting.

TruTac’s Commercial and Marketing Director, Jemma James said, “TruTac supports operators in managing driver compliance effectively and easily and we are proud to support the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme. This latest product is designed to work in tandem with our existing software so operators can manage drivers and their compliance risk potential easier than ever before.”

TruTac says that whether operators are ER-approved or not, the new feature will enable them to compare their KPIs against the DVSA metrics before they consider joining the scheme.

Photo: TruTac’s Commercial and Marketing Director Jemma James.