DKV partners with Nordic energy company Gasum ​

May 26 | 2021

Fuel card provider DKV Mobility has announced that its customers are now able to use Nordic energy company Gasum’s network of gas filling stations across Finland and Sweden.

Gasum filling stationThe partnership adds 25 LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and 34 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) filling stations to DKV’s supply network expanding its total European offering to 168 LNG and 1,788 CNG outlets.

Gasum’s expanding Nordic network currently consists of around 100 gas filling stations – including LNG stations for heavy-duty vehicles – in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Already, several thousand LNG-powered trucks are in operation in Europe, with numbers expected to increase steadily.

Juho Kurra, Business Development Manager, Traffic at Gasum said, “We are excited to offer further flexibility and options for a major player in Central Europe by accepting DKV Cards at Gasum’s gas filling stations. This is part of the development of the gas vehicle market and supports our target of connecting the Nordic and Central European markets and enabling low emission logistics for international players in the Nordics.”

Photo: Gasum filling station.