Scania places its first order for green steel

Jul 03 | 2023

Scania is taking a massive step towards decarbonising its supply chain by placing its first order for green steel.

Scania will start building trucks using green steel in 2027.The initial contract with H2 Green Steel will provide Scania with sustainably produced steel for building its trucks, allowing the company to take another big step towards reducing the climate footprint of its vehicle manufacturing. Production will begin at H2 Green Steel’s new plant in Boden, northern Sweden, in 2025, with deliveries of the sustainable material set for 2027.

The far-reaching agreement is a key element of Scania’s ambitious, industry-leading strategy to eliminate the largest sources of carbon emissions from the most emitting production materials and batteries. The goal of the strategy is for Scania to phase out the main sources of CO2 emissions in its supply chain by 2030, including a target of using 100% green steel, 100% green batteries, 100% green aluminium and 100% green cast iron in its production.

Another important aspect of this work is Scania’s role as a partner in the First Movers Coalition, which encourages companies to increase low-carbon purchases in areas that are hard to decarbonise. The new contract will help Scania meet its commitment to the coalition to buy significant amounts of green steel. About four tons of steel is used to manufacture a truck so there is clear potential for a substantially positive climate impact from using green steel instead.

Anders Williamsson, Executive Vice President, Head of R&D and Purchasing at Scania said, “With this first order from our strategic partner H2 Green Steel, we are continuing our progress towards minimising the climate impact from our supply chain.”

Photo: Scania will start building trucks using green steel in 2027.