Renault Trucks reinforces safety and comfort on its heavy-duty range

Jul 05 | 2023

Renault Trucks has made major improvements to its heavy-duty T, T High, and C & K models, focussing on well-being and safety. Photos: The 2024 heavy-duty range Renault Trucks models incorporate the latest in driver assistance technology.

The 2024 heavy-duty range Renault Trucks models incorporate the latest in driver assistance technologyThe manufacturer has optimised cab interior fittings to combine comfort and ergonomics, as well as equipping its trucks with advanced driver assistance technologies to improve on-road safety. These features will also be available on the all-electric Renault Trucks E-Tech T & C models.

Optimised driving and onboard comfort
In the cabin, equipment has been optimised to provide drivers with a more pleasant working environment. The dashboard features a new 12-inch adjustable main digital display, complemented by a secondary multifunction touchscreen featuring an intuitive Android Automobile interface for quick access to applications. Drivers can use the steering wheel controls to operate the main display and secondary screen functions in complete safety, including phone calls and music controls. To make driving easier, the screen also displays navigation aids and camera views. The vehicles can also be fitted with an induction phone charger.

Renault Trucks E-Tech T Renault Trucks T, T High, C & K and Renault Trucks E-Tech T & C are fitted with a steering column that can be adjusted in three directions. This means that drivers can adopt the driving position that suits them best, tailored to their body shape, the constraints of their assignment and, of course, their personal preferences. The steering column can be adjusted using a single foot-operated control that adjusts both the position and tilt of the steering wheel. Precision and safety are guaranteed through adjustment with both hands on the steering wheel and instant locking.

Advanced driver assistance technology
The 2024 heavy-duty range Renault Trucks models incorporate the latest in driver assistance technology and the most effective emergency braking systems to ensure the safety of drivers, their loads and other road users.

The manufacturer has also fitted radars and cameras all around the vehicle, increasing the driver's field of vision. These devices help ensure the safety of road users, simplify manoeuvres and reduce the risk of accidents. As an option, up to five cameras can be added to monitor the vehicle's environment, its load or the fifth wheel during coupling.

Drivers are automatically advised of tyre pressure levels on the truck and trailer and are alerted in the event of any anomalies, thus avoiding excessive fuel consumption or tyre blowouts. The vehicles also feature a speeding alert system (ISA), with a camera that detects the speed limit and warns drivers if they are exceeding it, avoiding accidents and fines.

Finally, to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions, the vehicles can be equipped with the Optivision Map Based system, which transmits topographical data to the on-board computer to enable the driver to optimise gearshifts as the journey progresses.

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