UK government requirements might make LSTs impractical

Feb 26 | 2024

Back in May 2023, The Mover reported that Longer Semi Trailers (LSTs) were to be allowed on British roads which could have been helpful for long-distance groupage operators.

However, now that the trials of these 2-metre-longer trailers have been completed, the UK government seems to have added a complication.  It’s an addition that might make the new equipment unviable.

Now that the trials have ended (29 February, 2024), the government is to require operators to submit a route plan and risk assessment for all routes using LST vehicles.  Drivers are expected to hold copies of the risk assessments and route plans for every journey. Some operators feel this is impractical and have reduced their use of LST vehicles as a consequence.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) in the UK has asked for this requirement to be reconsidered.  “We asked ministers to reduce the bureaucracy and allow firms to operate LSTs as they did during the trials which were underway for more than a decade,” the Association said in a recent press release. “We were advised last year that this would require a change in legislation – and we believe this could take a number of years.”

Operators with concerns over implementation are advised to contact