Zero emission pathway for Scotland

Apr 09 | 2024

The Scottish government has launched its HGV Decarbonisation Pathway. Its aim is to understand and overcome the barriers to zero emission HGVs in Scotland. It is the result of 18 months’ work from the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce.

Pathway for ScotlandKey messages from the Taskforce, identified in the report, include: an acknowledgement that the solution will require a collaborative approach across all transport areas, finance, energy and government; the transition to zero carbon fuels should begin now where commercially viable; and smaller fleet operators should be given opportunities to collaborate to reduce risk.

The report also provided a timeline towards zero emission transport throughout the country.  It acknowledged the steps that had already been achieved while giving milestones leading up to all HGVs sold in Scotland being zero emission by 2040. Challenges along the way included: access to energy; financing; confidence, especially with smaller operators; and workforce skills.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) welcomed the report.  RHA Policy Lead for Environment and Vehicles, Chris Ashley said: “This is a welcome first step for transitioning to net zero and marks an important moment in the journey towards decarbonisation. Decarbonising lorries whilst maintaining the high levels of service the public expect is complex with many structural barriers, such as financing the transition and providing the required energy infrastructure. The Pathway allows Scottish authorities and industry to start navigating the difficult issues that lie ahead and a focus to ensure that businesses, including our vital small businesses, feel supported.”


Photo: Pathway for Scotland report from the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce.