Remembering Esme Mason: Masons Moving Group

Mar 28 | 2019

The Mason family have sadly announced the death of Esme Mason just before Christmas.

Richard, Gordon, Esme and Brett outside Cardiff City Hall

Esme was a pioneer, taking over the reins at Masons Moving Group after her husband, Eric, an RAF veteran, died in 1983 leaving her with a business to run and four children: Gordon, Brett, Sarah and Richard.

The doyenne of the Welsh removals industry, Esme became involved with the Masons business a year after her and Eric married. One afternoon in 1959, Eric asked Esme to cover for his secretary whilst she was out at a dental appointment. Esme never looked back!

Esme was an inspirational woman, working in a largely male-dominated field at a time when women were expected to be at home looking after the children. Her eldest son, Gordon, remembers that when Eric died in 1983, they were faced with a choice: ”We either had to shut up shop and walk away or take it on and make it happen.” Esme retired 53 years later, having helped build Eric’s small business into one of the UK’s leading removals amd storage companies; they definitely made it happen!

Esme has left behind a legacy; the Masons Group are as strong as ever with a fourth generation of Masons currently working their way up the ranks.

The family particularly treasure an old photo of Esme holding Gordon as a baby, with one of their early removal vans: an ex-army Luton van.

At Esme’s funeral, a collection raised £75 in donations for the Removals Benevolent Association, which was a cause close to Esme’s heart.

Photo: Richard, Gordon, Esme and Brett outside Cardiff City Hall