New COO of Air Animal Pet Movers

Oct 17 | 2019

Cory Baizan Robinette has been promoted to chief operating officer at Air Animal Inc following an exemplary 30-year career with the Florida-based company.

Cory Baizan RobinetteAccording to Air Animal founder and CEO Walter M Woolf, VMD, it was Cory’s expertise in international corporate pet moves and all other aspects of the business that led to her appointment. “Cory’s leadership in the management of the global pet move process for expatriate pet owners has earned her high marks and consistent 5-star Google reviews over the years,” he said. “Her experience with all aspects of our business will be an asset to our executive team.”

Cory excelled at a variety of roles, including veterinary hospital receptionist, before Walter opened Air Animal in 1977 as one of only six pet movers in the world. Today, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) has 440 members and a suite of useful animal safety regulations, that Walter and Cory helped create.

Cory said, “Controlling the logistics and the communication between all the parties is especially important for corporate international moves because the regulations for importing pets to some countries can be daunting.”

“I really love watching a colleague’s face when a move goes well. I also love watching when something doesn’t go quite as expected and they’re actively brainstorming alternatives learned as we worked together. We are always ready with plans A, B, and sometimes C,” she said.

“Corporations are moving their talent around the globe in this global economy. Air Animal is filling a key role for these companies because they want their employees to be happy and successful,” Cory added.

In 2014, Cory was named ‘Outstanding Service Provider of the Year’ by the IPATA where she currently serves as a Board director-at-large. She will work closely with
the Air Animal executive team under Walter Woolf’s leadership as CEO.

Photo: Cory Baizan Robinette