Éléonore Tomoro, AGS Bangui Manager, honoured by the Central African government

Jan 30 | 2020

Éléonore Tomoro, AGS Bangui Manager in the Central African Republic, was presented with the Chevalier of the National Order Award for recognition by the CAR government on 1 December, 2019.

Eleonore TomoroThis award honours Éléonore’s 20 years of service in the AGS Group and her overall service to the country's development.

Éléonore became head of AGS Bangui in January 2017, after occupying the positions of sales assistant and executive assistant. As a woman who has progressed in a male-dominated profession, Éléonore needed to assert her authority over the years to rise to the position of manager. Sometimes she had to show persistence and put her foot down: "I am sometimes told that I apply a little too much pressure, but this is the only way I can push the dossiers that drag on at freight forwarders or customs," said Éléonore.

Her strength is also an asset and helps her to juggle her professional obligations and the demands of her family: "As a manager, I often come home late. My husband and children sometimes blame me because they do not get to spend a lot of time with me, but fortunately, they also understand that my work is very demanding. There’s a lot of juggling that takes place and it is not always easy, but with a little organisation I’ve managed to keep up with the demands.”

For Éléonore, being a female entrepreneur in Central African society is a challenge. Women are rare at the head of companies and as such, AGS Bangui marks the difference. "When I introduce myself as a branch manager, the fact that I am a woman is welcomed in the professional world. However, I should also add that for equal work, men and women are still not on an equal footing. Mentalities must change."

The honour received by Éléonore from the government was published in the official journal and announced in the media. This achievement constitutes a real asset to the company. Éléonore added: "I am proud of this distinction because it rewards years of hard work and commitment. It is a victory for AGS Bangui and its employees since all its staff have been honoured."

Photo:  Éléonore Tomoro, AGS Bangui Manager