Thomas Schreiner open to opportunities

Aug 07 | 2020

Thomas Schreiner has moved on from Mudanzas Gou in Mexico after two years with the company running its international team for it and ATI, another FIDI company owned by the Gou family.

Thomas Schreiner

Thomas said that he had enjoyed his time in Mexico but the adventure there had come to an end.  “The outlook on the economy and on security is not encouraging,” he said. So he bought a one-way ticket for him, his wife and their eight-year-old son to Madrid. “We have lived for a long time in Madrid,” he said. “We like Spain, we know Spain.  Who wouldn’t want to live there?”

Thomas was born in Buenos Aires and has worked in the industry with Mercovan and Santa Fe before joining Gou. His wife is Venezuelan-Spanish and his son was born in Germany. He said he and his family were looking forward to the next phase of their lives.  “My wife is as adventurous as I am, and my son has grown up in that world. It’s what he knows.” 

Thomas would like to join a company in Spain but is also open to offers from good companies in big cities anywhere in Europe or Southeast Asia, though he is realistic about the reduced opportunities resulting from COVID-19. “We are open to any good opportunities,” he said. “We like to keep exploring new places as a family.”

Thomas can be contacted at or via LinkedIn.

Photo: Thomas Schreiner